How Hussain Sajwani Rose from a Caterer to a Powerful Billionaire Investor

DAMAC, Dubai controls a sizeable stake of the lucrative ME real estate market. Its founder is a charismatic billionaire business person, Hussain Sajwani. Hussain, 57, started building his business empire, many years when he ran a small catering business. In 1991, the Desert Storm war broke out in neighboring Iraq and American troops flooded into the region. Hussain’s company applied and got an exclusive tender to supply the stationed American troops with food and other essential commodities.


Humble Beginnings


The catering job saw Hussain travel to far-flung corners of the globe with the warring American machine. Today, DAMAC is renowned not in Dubai, but in Lebanon, Tel Aviv, Iran, and Jordan for the development of high-end luxury condos, apartments, stand-alone homes, villas, hotels, and malls. Unbelievably, if you buy a condo worth over a million dollars from Damac Properties you’ll be rewarded with a Bentley car. How cool and impressive is that? Great job Hussain Sajwani.


Trump and Sajwani


Hussain Sajwani, CEO of DAMAC became a hot and trending topic of discussion in the mainstream media in the 2016 US Presidential Elections. Trump made a sizeable chunk of his immense wealth trading in the vibrant Dubai property sector. What many people fail to realize, however, was that without reliable on-the-ground Realtors like Hussain Sajwani, the Dubai property scene would have forever remained a preserve of the Dubai locals. Sajwani is one of the revolutionary figures who made it possible for foreigners to start enjoying owning properties and other investments in this particular part of the world. From that point on, the UAE investor and philanthropist, Hussain and Donald Trump, President of the US, remained the best of friends.


Trump Golf Course in Dubai


In honor of this lifelong personal and professional friendship, Trump rewarded the Hussain Sajwani family with a rare invitation to help the president and his family to usher in the New Year. Hussain, the wife, and the kids attended the event that drew in the inner circle of the new president of the free world, Trump. In his appreciation speech, Trump singled out the Sajwanis’ referring to them as, ‘very special people’ who’d stood with him and Melania for years. That statement was more than enough evidence to everyone that Trump, or his empire, would still continue to chase investments in the region. It didn’t take long for the Trump Organization to complete work on a gated community project that included a signature golf course by DAMAC and Partners.


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The Insights of Lori Senecal On Adapting to the Changes in the Market

As new forms of technology develops, the markets change. However, the changes in the market go far beyond the technology and platform. This is especially the case when it comes to advertising to customers. For instance, businesses are not going to be able to take the methods that work with television and radio advertising and just apply it to online platforms. There needs to be other forms of engagement taking place on these platforms in order for it to work. For one thing, approaching social media the way one approaches television is only going to aggravate the users of the platforms.

Among the methods that Lori Senecal and some of the other successful advertisers suggest is engaging with the audience and potential customers. With the use of internet and social media, many companies have taken the time to get to know their customers so that they can make adjustments to their business to better cater to their customers. According to Ad Week, after all, the most important factor to the success of a company is how well they are willing to listen to their customers. They must also be willing to meet their customers where they are, explains Lori. This would mean taking notes of what they use.

For instance, many customers are accessing the internet from their mobile devices. While mobile devices are still able to access websites like regular computers, the format is a lot different. After all, the technology of mobile phones and tablets are different from computers. For instance, some of the mobile phones that are available operate on Android technology which is different from Windows. Therefore, some content is going to display differently. Lori Senecal thinks about the mobile users and urges her clients to come up with something that is going to work for mobile devices. Her methods maximize the reach of her clients. Read more about Lori on

Changing the Correctional Facilities through Technology-Securus Technologies

Recently we have been receiving letters and emails from pleased customers who include inmates, their families as well as correctional facilities all over Northern America. Since our establishment as an organization that is determined to offer civil and criminal justice solution mainly for public security, investigation, correction as well as monitoring purposes; we have made protection as service part of our company’s focus. Securus Technologies management team has been making sure that at list once a week there is a new product in the market something that has helped us provides quality service to our esteem clients. Listed below is a sample of the letters and emails our group has been receiving.

  1. One of our long term clients mentioned that it was such a pleasure seeing Securus Technology rise beyond challenges and providing quality service. They further said that they have been using our services and products for over a decade now and they have observed us expanding on technology.
  2. Another happy customer mentioned that they were happy about our vision and they were sure that it was the right path to improving security in jails and prisons, as well as other correctional institutions.
  3. Over the years we have been offering investigative tools for our client s which most of them mentioned it was a great benefit in investigating harassment complaints in jails.
  4. Our telephone services assist one of our clients as they listened to one inmate talking to their family. The call record will help in investigations as it will serve as evidence as they mentioned.

Secures Technology is a group founded on strong vision and mission. Our responsibility is to ensure that we connect out customers by providing biometric analysis, public data, incidence management, emergency response, monitoring of goods, and inmate self-service among other services. We have our head Office located in Dallas, Texas offering our services and products to over 1200000 inmates and to more than 3450 correctional facilities in Northern America.

UKV PLC – Wine Investment Company

Different vineyards in France produce great wine. The country produces over 7 Billion wine bottles every year. For you to have a good understanding of the wines, you need to know several things. One thing that one should be aware is that the French wines are labeled according to regions. The regions have different soil, altitudes, climate and topography which give the wine their unique character.

Burgundy is an eastern region which produces red and white wine. The vineyards grow grapes such as Pinot noir and Chardonnay. One of the famous local wines in the area is Cote De Beaune Chardonnay. The Champagne region has a cold climate and is well known for its terroir Champagne that is produced through the double-fermentation process. Bordeaux is the Atlantic coast region that produces Merlot, Malbec, Cabernet Franc, and Sauvignon. It has many wine producers who use different grapes for medium-body reds. The Loire is a region that produces almost every kind of wine. They produce a light-bodied white wine called Muscadet, Chenin blanc and Sauvignon blanc.

With the wide variety to choose from, a wine lover needs the services of an expert supplier such as UKV PLC. United Kingdom Vintners’ consultants understand French wine and thus will advise you on the best time of the year to purchase wine. They will help you select and acquire the appropriate wine depending on the purpose and occasion. They have the capacity to access valuable, superior and excellent wine through their extensive network of brokers.

UKV PLC acquires and sells the world’s finest bonded wines and champagnes. The prestigious labels that they offer are from France, Italy, and Spain. The privately held company has a wine stock list where wine is listed for sale. If you prefer wine collection for later sale, the consultants give advice that is in line with market conditions when purchasing. They also ensure that the wine collection stored under a clients account is insured.

Todd Lubar’s Real Estate Expertise

Todd Lubar has over 20 years of experience in the volatile world of real estate. He was a top mortgage loan originator for years; rode out the Great Recession like it was no big deal and currently serves as President of TDL Ventures. Lubar’s career experiences have been more than varied; he’s truly seen it all.

Recently, Lubar has been focusing on the Baltimore real estate market. A decade ago, Baltimore was best known for “The Wire.” Today it’s popular with young urban professionals. Baltimore is a city ready for resurgence. Arguably, with the new headquarters for corporations like Under Armour, it’s already happening.

The conversion of older industrial spaces into residences is already beginning. This is an exciting time for Baltimore. Lubar has noted the surging millennial population in particular. Washington, DC is often too expensive for these young people. Baltimore is a still-affordable destination in the DC area. As millenials open businesses and put down roots, it follows that Baltimore’s real estate market will mature.

Todd Lubar is always excited about innovation. He has an entrepreneurial spirit himself. People seek him out for advice and listen when he gives it. Although his expertise is in real estate, Lubar has also worked in the grocery business and demolition, among other industries. Lubar has started from the ground up more than once. He knows what it is to fail better, and today he has found the right mix of comfort and risk-taking to really make a big splash. Check out Ideamensch to know more.

In an article on Hackronym, a graduate of Syracuse University, Lubar grew up in the Washington, DC area. In addition to his business interests, he makes plenty of time for his family. He’s a devoted Dad and keeps on top of trends in technology. Todd Lubar prides himself on being an early adopter, and is passionate about fitness. Lubar is also no stranger to philanthropy. he knows that giving back to the community is the best way to help it thrive.

UKV PLC; The United Kingdom’s Stewards of An Extensive Range Of Fine Wine And Champagne

As one of the prominent wine connoisseurs, UKV PLC believes that beginners have a long way to go in terms of catching up with the wonder that is the French Wine making process. The topic of French wine is deep and has a lot of ground to be covered before one can be identified as a fully fledged oenophile. Even the most experienced wine enthusiasts still have a challenge with keeping up with the revolution in the production and wine labeling processes in France.

In light with this, UKV PLC advises beginners who are interested in understanding the winemaking process to start by familiarizing themselves with the appellation system. Rather than labeling wine on the basis of the grape variety used, French wines are named after the country of origin. This is a government orchestrated move that helps to define the production and appellation process sufficiently.This system was born out of the idea that the region from which the grape varieties originate from is significant to the final product. The outcome of the grapes which influences the wine production process is largely dependent on the region’s soil structure, altitude, weather conditions and the terrain as well. According to UKV PLC, the novices should start by knowing the most famous wine producing regions in France including Champagne, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and the Loire.


UK Vintners PLC is a reputable wine wholesaler that deals in the finest wines in the market. They essentially help and guide collectors and buyers to gain access to luxurious champagne and fine wine that is classified as investment grade from prominent vineyards all over France, Spain, and Italy. The primary role for UVK PLC is to procure and sell these luxurious champagne and wine brands for private collectors, future investments or even just for consumption.UKV PLC is based in Croydon, Surrey which is in the United Kingdom from where it conducts a comprehensive range of services with a qualified team of consultants. The company has a broad spectrum of brokers, merchants, and traders that help them to source for unique wines. UVK PLC has a website with a user-friendly interface that enables clients to reach out to consultants and make their purchases. They also have a recognized presence on social media platforms including LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Visit their official website :

The Philanthropy of Betsy Devos

Well before being appointed as the current United States Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos was already an established and well known businesswoman in her own right with a documented history of extending a helping hand through various philanthropic efforts. As she was attending Calvin College, Devos was involved in campus politics and is still politically involved. Mrs. Devos has led a diversity of campaigns such as party organizations and political action committees.

In the late-1980s, DeVos and her husband, Dick DeVos, founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, which is operated on a faith-based platform and with an aim to better the world. Since its launch, the DeVos’s have helped to contribute nearly $140 million to a variety of causes such as education, the arts, and scientific and health research. The foundation itself has even allowed the DeVos’ to fund and promote other organizations within their state of Michigan and around the country, such as the Michigan Foundation for Traditional Values, the Center For Individual Rights, and the Acton Institute. . Along with those wondrous good deeds Devos involves herself in, there are additional variety of nonprofit duties that she is a part of. Betsy stands as a member of other organizations such as; the Devos Institute for Arts Management at the Kennedy Center, Kids Hope USA, Mars Hill Bible Church, and the Foundation for Excellence in Education. Check her website for more info at

Mrs. Devos seems to serve her country proudly and generously and that is exactly what the world needs more of, generosity and concerning citizens who care for the needs of society. I respect how Devos and her husband, Dick Devos, consistently aims to bettering the world with their time and financial assistance. I truly believe that Devos’ mother help gain interest in education because it shows in varies ways through her deeds and commitment to the organizations. As any parent would notice and find great concern, Betsy Devos realized as she sent her children to school, that every child in America is given equal amount of opportunity to receive an exceptional education experience. To a very great degree, Devos inspires me to fight for better educational options and getting more involved with the community. Her whole life has been dedicated to working with society for better growth, which she served 15 years as an in-school mentor for at-risk children. I want to be able to fill the ability and encouragement in those to make a greater difference in making a difference in their lives. One who does it all and makes a change in life, along with being a wife to Dick Devos and having a family behind her of four children and six grandchildren. She is indeed a superwoman who makes it seem completely easy.

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How Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Taking Amazon to Task

Amazon has been at the top of the e-commerce apparel niche for so long that they really don’t fear too many threats from the competition because they know it will not last. Amazon currently pulls in 20 percent of the women’s apparel sales online, despite thousands of competitors trying to get to that top spot. One such company, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, has sold over $250 million in high-quality workout apparel over a three-year span, and should be considered a serious contender for getting Amazon off that top spot.


When talking to Hudson about her athleisure brand, she says that the ultimate success all comes down to her membership package and reverse showrooming process. These two components of apparel shops is nothing new, but it appears that Hudson has found a way to really connect with her customers, and they are spending their money in record numbers buying her active-wear and workout apparel. Take a look at the shopping experience in the local mall, the Fabletics store is packed with women who are trying on all the workout apparel, they are taking the Lifestyle Quiz, grabbing the free Fabletics membership, and checking out all the latest releases.


These same women may or may not buy anything at the retail store, but according to Hudson, this is not a real concern. Hudson says that customers will eventually wind up at the online Fabletics store, and this is where all the sales are piling up. Those who have tried on the clothing at the retail store are going to discover that all the clothes they wore can be seen in their online profile. The clothing that fit so perfectly at the store makes it easier to shop online, because you already know that what you buy is going to fit like a glove. When you know something fits, all that is left to buy different colors and styles and new arrivals. Instead of one purchase at the mall, these women are buying a half-dozen outfits without a second thought.


Included with the membership is free shipping with online orders, special discounted pricing, and even a personal Fabletics shopper who will select one unique item each month based on the quiz results for consideration. Pampering is something you don’t get at Amazon, just another reason that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is poised to really take on those who have dominated this retail space for years.

Rick Shinto Offers Diversified Health Care Models Through InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is one of the top service providers of health in Puerto Rico. For years, the organization has focused on providing affordable health care plans and models for the people of Puerto Rico. Through the two primary networks, the organization has, InnovaCare Health has extended its services to the less fortunate in the society and the low-income earners. To InnovaCare Health, clients are different, and every client has special needs depending on the budget. Through a clear understanding of the differences in patients, InnovaCare focuses on developing strong patient relationships through its subsidiaries. The sustainable models provided by the health care organization offers managed as well as coordinated health care for patients. In a bid to improve the services provided, InnovaCare Health introduced new staff to the management.</p>

Penelope Kokkinides

When InnovaCare announced the introduction of three additional staff, Penelope Kokkinides was among the team. Penelope Kokkinides is the current chief administrative officer of InnovaCare Health. Initially, she was the chief operating officer. Her rejoining the team was a mark of additional achievement and progress in the team. Before she became part of InnovaCare Health, Penelope worked in several health care organizations. She did not only work in those organizations but also chaired fundamental meetings that focused on developing advanced medical models. Penelope has extensive knowledge in Medicare and Medicaid programs. For over twenty years, she served in the health department as a facilitator of organizational infrastructure. Her expertise in generating new clinical programs better placed her as a suitable candidate for the chief administrative officer position. View her infographic resume at

Experience and Education

Penelope worked as the vice president as well as the chief operating officer of a health care organization called Centrelight HealthCare. Her role in the organization included the overall management as well as the strategic monitoring of the medical programs. Before that, Penelope worked at Touchstone Health at an executive level. She was the vice president of the company. Her role included controlling the infrastructure of the health care division. Penelope is a committed career executive who offers the best health care models for patients in Puerto Rico.

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Shinto is the serving chief executive officer of InnovaCare Health. Before joining the organization, Shinto worked in many health care services organizations. He has vast experience following his attachment to those organizations. Between 2008 and 2012, he was the chief executive officer of Aveta Inc. Under his leadership, Aveta Inc provided excellent medical services for patients. With his past experiences in the medical field, Shinto

Brian Torchin: Recruiting Experts In The Field Of Medicine

Brian Torchin is the founder and president of Health Care Recruitment Counselors (HCRC). He is also a practicing chiropractor. He received a bachelor’s degree in exercise science from Delaware College. He also earned a doctor of chiropractic degree.

Mr. Torchin was the manager of medical offices around the country. He used his vast knowledge of the medical industry to open his own office. He came up with the idea to staff his office with medical professionals and personnel. Brian Torchin also saw the lack of adequate staffing agencies for medical personnel. This idea led to the creation of HCRC Staffing.

HCRC Staffing

HCRC is a worldwide healthcare recruiting agency. The main location is in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There are locations in every state within the US. There are also offices in Asia, Australia, Canada, and Europe.

HCRC is the largest global healthcare recruiting agency. The recruitment counselors at HCRC work with medical professionals and personnel.

HCRC has a clientele of hospitals, private practices, and other medical facilities. They do everything for the client during the hiring process. They accept payment on a contingency basis.

HCRC recommends a candidate to the medical facility. They charge a fee if the medical facility hires the candidate. HCRC offers consultations and nationwide job searches for the potential candidate. Learn more about Brian Torchin:

Brian Torchin: Recruiting Experts In The Field Of Medicine

Mr. Torchin and his staff have a teleseminar library on the HCRC website. This library offers information on hiring strategies for their clients. The teleseminars give advice to clients on interviewing and hiring candidates. HCRC also provides a video library. The videos share specific information for the staff at chiropractic offices.

The blog at HCRC provides tips for the medical clients and the candidates. Mr. Torchin wrote these posts. The posts are invaluable free resources for both parties. They provide information about onboarding, employment contracts, telehealth, and many other subjects.

Brian Torchin and the HCRC staff provide services for medical facilities and candidates. They use their knowledge of the medical field to hire the right candidates for their clients. They want to make sure that the medical facility and the candidate have a long relationship.