Securus Technologies: Unmatched Customer Experience

Securus Technologies is one of the most recognized companies within prison industry complex in the United States. The company provides services to correctional facilities with state of the art equipment for parole tracking, detainee communications and government information management solutions, through its innovative technical solutions with the most responsive customer care service, it provides the much needed tailor made services to correctional facilities in the United States.


The Geographical Location


Securus has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas, with one outlet in Atlanta and four others in the Dallas metro area as well. The company currently serves 2,600 correctional facilities across 45 states. It has received an A+ rating for its exemplary services from the Better Business Bureau. Such high standard of service has also seen the company receive numerous positive feedbacks from satisfied clients.


Customer Feedback


For enhanced customer services, Securus built a 220 capacity domestic call center which has been considered as the largest in the industry. This has given the company total control in customer management. Customer representatives have also been adequately trained in line with the company’s standards and commitments towards its clients. The call center has been reported to have a 4.3 out of 5 satisfaction score. Securus’ simple, accessible and powerful technologies have been relied upon by correctional agencies all over the United States for greater results.


Customer Care


Vital customer support builds trust and enhances the business potential. Their feedback helps in improving services and standards. A number of customers gave their feedback: information from calls obtained by officers from a facility enabled them obtain a search warrant and arrest a corrupt staff member. Another customer also commented on how the company was committed to offering the best services hence improving public safety in those areas. Reporting data has also enhanced improved monitoring thus deterring contraband. Investigative tools have also made it easy for staff to conduct investigations.


Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport (FGI) is in Apia, Samoa in the Polynesia between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean, northeast of Australia. It is just south of the equator, so it’s definitely tropical. Samoa is one of two United States territories below the equator. Pago Pago is the other U.S. territory. Samoa’s and Pago Pago’s citizen are like Puerto Ricans, they are considered non-citizen nationals.

Fagali’I Airport is a small airport. Most flights to and from Fagali’I connect through stops at Australia, Fiji or New Zealand. Travelers arrive at either those destinations on Air New Zealand, Virgin Australia, Fiji Airways and American Airlines and then transfer to a Samoa Airways. Fagali’I Airport is five hours away from Sydney and Melbourne, Australia and just a little longer than three hours from Auckland, New Zealand. Samoa Airways flies between Fagali’I Airport, Samoa and the extended flights to New Zealand and Australia and to Pago Pago, Ofu-Olosega and Ta‘ū. Talofa Airways flies between Samoa and Pago Pago and Nuku’alofa, Tonga.

Fagali’I Airport services flights for Samoa Airways and Talofa Airways. Samoa Air operates charter flights to the neighboring islands of Samoa. Samoa consists of two main islands, Savai’i and Upolu forming Western Samoa and Tutuila and tiny island of Manu’a as well as Rose Atoll, an uninhabited wildlife refuge is in American Samoa.

Upon arrival at Fagali’I Airport in Apia, Samoa, the traveler will find that there is no shortage of hotels nearby according to Over thirty accommodations are near the airport, five of them are four star rated hotels and twenty are three star locations. All hotels either have pools or are located on a body of water or near the ocean and beach.

Travelers may not be able to use Expedia and Travelocity to reserve cars from Fagali’I Airport based car rental companies, but they can reserve vehicles through a booking agent or travel agent for use in Samoa. Otherwise, hiring taxis is a very economical way to get around for short trips. The bus is another option.

There are no money exchange locations in the airport, but they can readily be found in Apia, which is only ten minutes from the airport. Even though Samoa is an U.S. territory, in Samoa the monetary unit is the Tala. One dollar equals two and a half talas. Enjoy exploring Samoa, after you arrive at Fagali’I Airport.

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Doe Deere: A Business World Leader

Meet Doe Deere: Owner and CEO of the popular makeup company, Lime Crime. Her line of cosmetics is nothing of the ordinary, but everything fun and expressive you can imagine. She made her stamp in the cosmetic industry when no other company would go the bold route, and has been scooping up fans or “unicorns” ever since. She is the type of business leader who goes by what her heart tells her to do, and is not afraid to encourage others to be themselves. The true idea of Lime Crime was to help others express themselves through color and cosmetics, and she is doing that and so much more for the youth of the world.


The Queen of her Unicorns,” socializes through social media outlets such as Instagram and Twitter, while promoting her own self expression, and her line of fun cosmetics. It’s easy to see why many can identify with her- she is always sporting bright hues of hair, bold makeup and fun fashion style, and in this day and age, the current trend is to always be yourself. She has inspired her fans for years to not be afraid of color and that it helps to bring out your true self.


Though she started as a musician, the skill and entrepreneurial traits were always present. Her creativity in not only making cosmetics, but applying them was inspiration for others to try them out as well. She released the makeup at a time when bold was not the “in” trend, so while it was daring, it was also something other women were happy to now see on the market.


Lime Crime is extremely unique makeup. From matte to glitter, bold to brights, these are colors and tones that you will never see anywhere else. Doe really hit it on the nail when she decided to be different and take a risk. She used her passion for color and makeup to create a whole new world of cosmetics for beauty junkies everywhere. There should be more business leaders like Doe: ones who help their customers not only become unafraid to self express, but who are passionate, happy people. Learn more:

Ronald Fowlkes Uses His Experience to Cater to the Law Enforcement Officials

Ronald Fowlkes has experience with law enforcement. As someone who was involved with law enforcement and was an official on his own, he knows what it takes to get to a point where he is able to help people. He also knows what they need to feel like they are protected while they are on the field. For Ronald Fowlkes to make sure he can help people, he has always learned more about their needs and the things they are doing to help figure those needs out. Despite going out of his way to make things better for people who are in the law enforcement field, Ronald Fowlkes has done what he can to make an actionable difference in the industry. He just wants to see things change for the people who have worked so hard to protect the innocent ones from criminals and other issues that happen in the community.


Even though Ronald Fowlkes has dedicated his life to law enforcement and how he can help each member of the law enforcement community, he continues to work toward a better sales team for his own company. The Eagle Products company is one that he has been involved in for years and that’s what has led him to work toward more options for the people who have done their best in the law enforcement community. He tries to sell them the products he knows they need instead of selling them things they will not be satisfied with in the end.


By doing this, Ronald Fowlkes has a laser focus on his goals. He knows the products he works on will be the best for each of the people he markets to. He also knows these products will have a lot of value in the community. He tries his hardest to show this value so the law enforcement officials will know he means to always work toward things getting better for them. He also knows there will be major changes if the law enforcement officers are allowed to do their jobs in the best way they know how to do.


Despite some of the issues that can come from law enforcement sales and products, Ronald Fowlkes knows what it takes to give people the best opportunities possible. He also knows there will be a time where he will need to focus on what he is doing right in the business. Helping people understand how the company works and how the products are going to help them is what has led Ronald Fowlkes to the business he is in. He doesn’t do the sales to make money but, instead, does them so people will have a chance to feel protected while performing their jobs.


Exemplarily Financial Services by Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital (MSC) is a privately held firm that deals with global investment banking. Founded in 2010, Madison Street Capital has gained an international accolade for its integrity, expertise, and experience in the financial industry.


For seven years, Madison Street Capital has created a distinguished track record for their exceptional services. The company has its headquarters in Chicago. To add global touch, MSC opened offices in Oregon, India, and Ghana. Some of its key clients include Fiber Science, Bond Medical Group, and Science Iowa Energy.


Madison Street Capital provides a range of consultancy services in corporate finance. It specializes in the provision of services like tax compliance, bankruptcy, business and portfolio valuation, financial opinions, and business restructuring. Also, the company deals with private placement advice, mergers, and acquisitions advisory as well as corporate governance among other services. The group is led by CEO Charles Botchway and Jay Rodgers as the managing director.




During the merger deal between the DCG Software Value and Spitfire Group, Madison Street Capital was the sole financial advisor of the former company. DCG is an analytics software company based in Pennsylvania. Spitfire Group is a technology and business consulting firm found in Denver, Colorado. The merger deal was expected to enhance the value and performance of the two companies. After the merger, the management of the two firms applauded the MSC staff for their relentless effort to ensure the success of the deal.


Also, MSC successfully advised and organized for equity investment for ARES Security Corporation. MSC diligently did value analysis for the ARES and connected them to a strategic financial partner. ARES Corporation is a security software solution provider. The Virginia based company deals with private and government entities in energy as well as transportation sector.


Furthermore, Madison Street Capital advised WLR Automotive Group on how to raise $13.2 million capital using sale and leaseback. The company which deals with car washes, lube, and auto repair, utilized this opportunity to raise capital for its investment. MSC also coordinated a credit deal for Maintenance Systems Management. Based in Francisco, the company provides services in custodial, janitorial and maintenance. Others include securing credit for HeartSync Company, a manufacturer of medical devices.





For its exemplary services, Madison Street Capital has earned several honors. In the annual M&A Advisor Awards, MSC scooped various honors for its distinguished accomplishments in restructuring, transactions and corporate financing. For its exceptional role in Dowco group acquiring Acuna & Associates, MSC won top honors. Also, the company received recognition in boutique investment banking and strategic deal making. Learn more:


The MSC staff members have received recognition from the industrial organization. For example Anthony Masala, MSC co-founder was named by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analyst as a rising star in corporate financing. Learn more:

Rodrigo Terpins, A Renowned Champion In The Bull Sertoes Tournament

Patience is an essential character in a challenging environment. It helps an individual to comprehend the best tactics that can be employed in the process of overcoming the seemingly huge problems. Rodrigo Terpins is an individual who has come a long way before being known as the victor that he is today. The Bull Sertoes Rally is known for the challenges that it can bring forth, but most rally racers love to be part of the tournament since it is through it that they can be able to prove their skill worthiness, and in the end, they can be respected in the entire society.

Rodrigo Terpins is a person whose primary motivation comes from his immediate family members. His father is a basketballer who puts passion before any other undertaking in life. His path has enabled him to influence his children in a massive way. Success is never gained by those who have a faint heart, and Rodrigo has proved to be an embodiment of both effort and resilience. His brother, on the other hand, helps him to understand all that is associated with racetrack championship. Check out Odiario to know more.

The Bull Sertões Championship is Brazil’s primary sporting activity. Rally racers love going to Brazil as the conditions are intolerable. First and foremost, the race is usually organized in a desert, and the exceedingly hot conditions make competitions to be highly challenging. Rodrigo Terpins was born in Brazil, and he attributes his success to teamwork. When different ideas are put together, then it can be possible for a team to become successful. As a result, Rodrigo Terpins is an individual who believes that the talent that he has would not have been sufficient were it not for the input of his co-driver.

For the better part of his childhood, Rodrigo Terpins was always fixing cars as his father used to own as a car-repair shop. As a result, he was able to understand different configurations of automobiles, and this placed him in a better position of being able to customize his vehicle so that it ends up being suitable for competing on the race track. Rodrigo is the leading challenger in the T5 Partipacoes, and he is known among the different rally race champions as an individual who incorporates skill and agility. The future is even brighter for Rodrigo Terpins, and Terpins works hard to ensure that he will remain unbeatable even in the years to come.

Sussex Health Care’s Outstanding Services In The Healthcare Sector

Sussex Health Care is a center where the elderly and patients who have dementia, neurological disorders and those with learning disabilities are taken care of and supported. The group has been in the healthcare industry for more than 30 years. The organization was opened in 1985, and at the moment it has 18 Care Homes with over 500 beds. The center has won an award for offering the best healthcare services at a personal level. Dr. Shafik Sachedina and Mr. Shiraz Boghani both hold the chairman position of the company. The two gentlemen have led the center to massive success and expansion to serve more people.

Sussex Health Care believes that the old should be taken care of and the team is committed to providing a safe and warm surrounding for the older people. The nurses at Sussex are well trained and qualified to offer high-quality services. With age, the physical and intellectual aspects of life begin to deteriorate. The homes have scheduled activities such as quizzes, music sessions, cookery, handicrafts, art therapy and movement session to keep the old busy and active. The center is equipped with professionals who help the senior people with a range of treatments such as reflexology, physiotherapy and more.


Sussex Health Care also has professional chefs who cook for all the people in the homes. The center keeps the individuals residing in the Care Homes happy by offering tasty and balanced-diet dishes. Sussex provides care and support to patients who have dementia. Dementia care is a recent program which has emerged due to the increased number of the aged in the society. Sussex is dedicated to keeping the patient’s life active even with the condition. The staff undergoes a dementia care program on where they receive training to take care of the patients, best. The group treats their service users as unique individuals and takes the time to know each one of them at a personal level.

Sussex care for and support patients suffering from several conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson Disease, Huntington’s disease and more. The homes are equipped with thoroughly trained and qualified staff to provide a broader range of services to all the patients. The whole team works hand in hand with specialists and consultants in other institutions such as the National Hospital, St Thomas hospitals, and The Royal Hospital. All the other organizations deal with neurological conditions, and they offer more knowledge to the Sussex team. Sussex also provides care for people with learning disabilities.

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Kate Hudson Grows Offline with Fabletics

Fabletics is the company that is moving in a new direction, and Kate Hudson is spearheading the whole thing. Many people that are familiar with Fabletics knows that it is primarily an e-commerce store for athletic gear for women. There are less than a dozen of these stores throughout the United States. Kate Hudson has a bold desire to change this. She is tackling the offline market and making an attempt to increase her consumer base in a very dramatic way.


Within the next five years Kate Hudson plans to compete with Amazon and everyone else in the athletic clothing arena for women by opening 100 stores. This is a bold move, but Kate Hudson feels that it is a move in the right direction. The reason she has the confidence to do this has much to do with the staggering growth of Fabletics. This is a company that averages about 250 million in revenue annually. This is quite impressive for a company that did not even exist 10 years ago. It is showing that customers are responding to what she has presented, and she feels that consumers want more. She has become the face of Fabletics, and she is implementing all the strategies that are going to be needed to take this company in the right direction. She is showing people that a woman can do more than simply be the face of a clothing line. She has proven that she does more than just fit in the spotlight as this company grows. It is proving that she has a competitive spirit to bring forth a company that is designed to make working out much more comfortable for women. She has a clothing line where she promotes the comfort and durability of athleisure. This is the type of clothing that she is selling, and she is building a great brand awareness about Fabletics by having opened conversations about the direction she plans to go in. The 100 stores that are going to be open within the next five years show a great sign of the innovative spirit that she has for this company that she co-founded.


What many people are starting to realize is that Fabletics is a company that Kate Hudson is trying to put on the map in a global way. She wants this company to be around long after she has stepped down from the role that she’s in right now. She is trying to build a legacy, and she wants to be the one at the top when it comes to clothing for women that are hitting the gym

Hudson has shown that she has what it takes to manage the company behind the scenes, but she also appears in commercials and print ads. She has shown that she embodies every aspect of the company, and she is making a name for herself as one of the top business leaders in the clothing industry. She is putting Fabletics in the spotlight and building brand loyalty.

Todd Lubar And The Current Real Estate Business Trend In Baltimore

According to Todd Lubar, Baltimore is currently known as the Charm City. It is full of young professionals who are concerned about development. The city might be losing its numbers when it comes to the general population, but it is doing very well with the current younger demographic. With the increasing number of professional at Baltimore, there is high demand for executive apartments. Furthermore, real estate developers together with their teams are busy refurbishing and renovating older apartments. They are working hard to produce several condominium and apartment options.

In addition to real estate improvement, Baltimore focus is also on the expansion of the public transportation. This will make the city friendlier to dwellers who want to live and work downtown. Some developers are projecting that the expansion of transportation system will results in the growth of the metropolitan areas of the city at a faster rate. Also, most of the suburban dwellers will need to access their place of work through roads without paying for additional expenses such as parking fees. The current business environment also encourages the blossoming of the business community. Starting companies are also experiencing growth with their business endeavors. Baltimore has also gained a reputation as a city that supports talents and new business ventures.


About Todd Lubar

Mr. Todd Lubar is the present President and Chairman of TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC. He also works as the Vice President of LI (Legendary Investment). Before joining TDL GLOBAL VENTURES, LLC, Todd Lubar previously worked with business organizations such as Legacy Financial Group and Crestar Mortgage Corporation. While working with Maryland Legacy Financial, Todd helped the organization with the production of a unit consisting of many million dollars in the form of a loan per year.

Like any other Business expert, Mr. Todd Lubar starts his typical day with breakfast, check news about the current issues affecting the business environment, and then perform a little bit exercise before heading to his working office. According to Todd Lubar, knowing the current issues that are affecting the business environment helps him with the prioritization of his daily business activities. As an entrepreneur, Todd Lubar believes that ideas can only be fruitful only if you make them happen according to your meditation. Read more on

How Hussain Sajwani Rose from a Caterer to a Powerful Billionaire Investor

DAMAC, Dubai controls a sizeable stake of the lucrative ME real estate market. Its founder is a charismatic billionaire business person, Hussain Sajwani. Hussain, 57, started building his business empire, many years when he ran a small catering business. In 1991, the Desert Storm war broke out in neighboring Iraq and American troops flooded into the region. Hussain’s company applied and got an exclusive tender to supply the stationed American troops with food and other essential commodities.


Humble Beginnings


The catering job saw Hussain travel to far-flung corners of the globe with the warring American machine. Today, DAMAC is renowned not in Dubai, but in Lebanon, Tel Aviv, Iran, and Jordan for the development of high-end luxury condos, apartments, stand-alone homes, villas, hotels, and malls. Unbelievably, if you buy a condo worth over a million dollars from Damac Properties you’ll be rewarded with a Bentley car. How cool and impressive is that? Great job Hussain Sajwani.


Trump and Sajwani


Hussain Sajwani, CEO of DAMAC became a hot and trending topic of discussion in the mainstream media in the 2016 US Presidential Elections. Trump made a sizeable chunk of his immense wealth trading in the vibrant Dubai property sector. What many people fail to realize, however, was that without reliable on-the-ground Realtors like Hussain Sajwani, the Dubai property scene would have forever remained a preserve of the Dubai locals. Sajwani is one of the revolutionary figures who made it possible for foreigners to start enjoying owning properties and other investments in this particular part of the world. From that point on, the UAE investor and philanthropist, Hussain and Donald Trump, President of the US, remained the best of friends.


Trump Golf Course in Dubai


In honor of this lifelong personal and professional friendship, Trump rewarded the Hussain Sajwani family with a rare invitation to help the president and his family to usher in the New Year. Hussain, the wife, and the kids attended the event that drew in the inner circle of the new president of the free world, Trump. In his appreciation speech, Trump singled out the Sajwanis’ referring to them as, ‘very special people’ who’d stood with him and Melania for years. That statement was more than enough evidence to everyone that Trump, or his empire, would still continue to chase investments in the region. It didn’t take long for the Trump Organization to complete work on a gated community project that included a signature golf course by DAMAC and Partners.


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